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Sometimes we are asked to create a special bespoke item which requires intricate planning and jigs creating to achieve a quality end result. This is where our experience comes into action.




Rugby World Cup Trophy

To launch the Rugby World Cup tour across the UK and Ireland a special Land Rover to house the gold cup was commissioned. Fabrication was made by PM Fusion and had to be stylish, weatherproof and secure for the trip.



First a special aluminium box section had to be created and then precision radiused corners were welded in place.










The finished structure was epoxy coated for the final finish




The internal panelling for the vehicle was then fabricated and special coatings were added.




Finally the entire assembly was fitted to the Land Rover and glazed ready for the start of the Tour in June 2015.



The Tour was launched in Scotland by Prince Harry after which the vehicle and cup were paraded across the rest of Britain and Ireland.







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