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With our experience of highly technical and highly creative work, PM Fusion have accepted some very unusual commissions over the years.

Here are some examples of the more unusual fabrications and installations...

railings 1



The Cocked Hat

Railings and gates by Paul Martin

The entire grounds of the beautiful Cocked Hat Restaurant in Coventry, England, are surrounded by elaborate and ornate security railings and Iron gates. All designed, fabricated and installed by PM Fusion.



Gates 1


Gates 3

Gates 5



railings design

Paul Martin

Seed of an idea for railings in Chelsea, London - sketched out by hand before calculations are made and fabrication work begins.

Photograph shows the start of building a detail feature.


gate detail




sketch 1



owl gates

Design by Paul Martin

This striking set of gates were designed, fabricated, hand painted and installed by PM Fusion.


Gate fabrication 3

Owl gates


Gate fabrication 1Gates fabrication 2

Owl gates installed