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Paul says everything is possible and loves to push the boundaries of welding and fabrication technology to create items which often have never been attempted in metal before.





outdoor log burner

by Paul Martin

This heavy gauge steel log burner is designed for the garden. It has a removable ash box, and a handle and wheels for mobility.

Approximate size 300cm high x 60cm wide
(39 x 24 inches)
and weighs 50 kg


log burner


outdoor log burner



oak tree

by Paul Martin

This oak tree sculpture is hand crafted in aluminium tube and wire. It measures approximately 50 x 60cm. (16 x 24 inches)




by Paul Martin

This large alien creature was created and made in aluminium by Paul.




winter oak

by Paul Martin

This sculpture has been hand crafted in aluminium, using modern aircraft welding techniques and materials.

Approximate size 40 x 60cm
(16 x 24 inches)



Winter Oak



by Paul Martin

This large snail has been designed and created by hand in aluminium, using a real giant snail shell. The leaf has also been created as a matching display stand.

Approximate size 15 cm long by 16 cm high including the stand.
(6 inches long x 7 inches high)


Snail 3


Snail 1Snail 2


Deers head

by Paul Martin

This deers head has been designed and created entirely of hand welded aluminium.



wise old owl

by Paul Martin

This sculpture was hand crafted for a University Graduation presentation using aluminium, modern aircraft welding techniques, then hand painted in the University colours.

Approximate size 50cm high (20 inches).


Owl 2


Wise Owl



by Paul Martin

This 'skull' was designed for a competition run by Intel in California, USA as a computer casing.

The steel form tool was created first to enable the aluminunium skin to be formed around it.


Skull final


Skull stage 1Skull stage 2

Skull stage 3





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